Saturday, January 31, 2009

Renaissance Man

I like the term "Renaissance Man" because it is indicative of someone who has knowledge or expertise in a number of areas. The Renaissance (14th to 17th century) was a time of enlightenment and learning. A gentleman of that period would seek to learn as much as possible about a variety of subjects, including languages, science, poetry, music, etc. Leonardo Da Vinci was the original. He was proficient in a wide array of subjects as profoundly as an expert would be in a single subject. That's the spirit of how I apply the term. Not to academics only, but to learning in general--whatever the subject--so long as its more than a fleeting interest. It's more a quest to obtain as much knowledge and proficiency as possible.

I won't be talking about a lot of poetry or science here. I'm not talking about trying to be like Da Vinci or trying to make world changing things happen. My target areas are fitness, nutrition, and fashion, with some other subjects here and there. My point is to apply the spirit of the renaissance man to these topics (and hopefully to encourage learning about good stuff in general), which I believe to be important to the modern guy who wants to live better. Learn as much as you can about any and all subjects you think will make you a better guy.

About Useful Guy Stuff

Useful Guy Stuff is a place to share ideas about how to be more healthy and stylish. My goal is to present topics that will help guys live more effectively, whether it be through better nutrition, exercise, or dress. To that end, the majority of posts will deal with one of those topics.

I take pleasure in learning more about each of these topics. I've always loved sports and exercise. Over the past several years I've gotten more into nutrition and have spent quite a bit of time and effort learning more about how to eat healthily and deliciously. As for fashion and style, what can I say? I'm an enthusiast. I'm not about red carpet or couture so much, I'm more about classic and timeless men's style.

A lot of my thoughts on these topics come from things I've found to be effective, things I'm trying out, or things that I'd like to try. I'm an avid magazine reader and I draw a lot of inspiration from them. A few of my favorites include GQ, Men's Health, Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, and Best Life. Like I said, I don't claim to be an expert. I'm not a nutritionist, a dietitian, a personal trainer, or a style consultant, but I've always enjoyed self improvement, and this is a good outlet for me to share ideas and a chance for me to learn more.

I welcome any commentary or suggestions. Please feel free to share your thoughts on post topics covered or ones you'd like to see covered.