Tuesday, February 17, 2009

StyleTip: Raising the Bar

The tie bar is an instant style upgrade when you're sporting a tie. We're talking about tie bars (aka tie clips) not collar bars. The tie bar is functional--it was created to keep your tie in place and not flying in the wind or in your food--but it's also classic and stylish. It's a great accessory to add a little flair to your look. They're definitely making a come back as far as trends go, but they were not seen for quite some time. This is a look I like regardless of trends or what other people are wearing. Here are a few tips for rocking a tie bar:

--Wear it higher than half way up the tie, but not too high. Right at about the lower tip of the sternum is good. Straight across the tie is best. No crazy angles.

--Try not to get one that have teeth on the back side. They put those on there for grip I suppose, but they could mess up your tie and they're a bit excessive unless you're in hurricane-force winds. A lot of the teethed ones have hinges. I don't think the hinge is a bad thing. Some tie bars just slide on. No hinge. Suit yourself.

--Keep it clean and simple. There are some pretty crazy tie bars out there. I typically steer clear of bejeweled or baroque looking stuff as a general rule. I like the ones that are silver and maybe have some simple lines or even little designs. Less is definitely more.

--Don't confuse a tie chain or a tie pin with a tie bar. The tie chain is just a no-no, and a tie pin leaves a hole in your tie.