Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fitness Foods Face-Off

And.....I'm back.  After a few weeks off, I'm back with a post about fitness foods.  I found this useful information on the Men's Health's website, and I'm going to copy the link below so you can go there to view the food face-offs.  I've often wondered about things like water vs. gatorade, eggs vs. protein powder, etc.  The face-offs include those and a bunch of others.  One caveat:  Make sure you read why they've chosen one thing over another.  They use 5 different criteria in evaluating which food is better: Convenience, Effectiveness, Taste, Calories, and Cost.  Sometimes if other things are equal, they might choose one food over the other because of something that doesn't matter so much to you.  For example, one of the post workout face-offs is Myoplex (protein shake you buy) vs. a smoothie that you make.  They choose the Myoplex because of it's convenience, but personally I don't mind making smoothies.  Another example is that they choose a Clif Bar over Almonds.  Almonds are a super food, the only reason they don't choose it over the bar is because some people might not use portion control and could eat too many.  

Check these out... I learned a few things and it also gave me good ideas about good foods for pre-workout, post-workout, and snacks.